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Morotti_AR2018_Ovarian follicular dynamics and conception rate in Bos indicus cows with different antral follicle counts subjected to timed artificial insemination

Morotti_Therio2017_Correlation between phenotype, genotype and antral follicle population in beef heifers

Zandonadi_AR2017_Cell proliferation in ovarian follicles from Bos taurus indicus females with different antral follicle count

Oliveira_Semina2017_Proliferative activity of oocytes in multi-oocyte follicles of bovine ovary

Gonzalez 2015_Evidences of Regular Estrous Cycles in Mules and Successful Use of These Animals as Recipients for Donkey Embryos

Gonzalez_2015_Semina_Recovery of equine oocytes by scraping of the follicular wall with different specifications of needles and morphological analysis of cumulus oophorus

Gonzalez_2015_Equine antral follicle containing cartilage and bone ovarian teratoma

Gonzalez_2015_Granulosa cells tumor in mules

Santos_ARS2016_High numbers of antral follicles are positively associated with in vitro embryo production but not the conception rate for FTAI in Nelore cattle

Oliveira Junior_Semina2015_Antral follicles population in heifers and cows of Nelore and Girolando breeds

Lunardon_Therio2015_Population estimate of the preantral follicles in prepubertal and adult bitches

Barreiros_2014_Dynamics of follicular growth and progesterone concentrations in cyclic and anestrous suckling Nelore cows

Silva-Santos_ARS2014_The correlation between the number of antral follicles and ovarian reserves (preantral follicles) in purebref Bos indicus and Bos taurus cows

Blaschi_JVS_Effects of progestagen exposure duration on estrus synchronization and conception rates of crossbreed ewes undergoing fixed time artificial insemination

Silva-Santos_2014_MALDI-MS lipid profiles of oocytes

Silva-Santos_RDA_2014_Antral Follicle Populations and Embryo Production – In Vitro and In Vivo – of Bos indicus–taurus Donors from Weaning to Yearling Ages

Silva-Santos_2014_Comparison of Antral and Preantral Ovarian Follicle Populations Between Bos indicus and Bos indicus-taurus Cows with High or Low Antral Follicles Counts

Max_2013_Evaluation of estradiol benzoate as a pre-treatment for oocyte recovery in sheep

Silveira_2013_AR_Insemination of four cows per dose of frozen semen with fixed-time artificial insemination protocol

Sanches_2013_Cryosursival and pregnancy rates of IVF embryos

Silva-Santos_2013_AR_Ovarian follicle reserve_ emerging concepts and applications

Santos_2012_Efeito do tipo de fixador e tempo de fixação na morfologia de folículos ovarianos pré-antrais

Max_2012_In vitro Embryo production in sheep: Pregnancy after long periods of oocyte and Embryo transport

Rufino_2011_Evaluation of an internal control in a multiplex-PCR assay for sex determination of in vitro-produced bovine embryos

Santos2011_Semina_Desempenho reprodutivo de ovelhas mestiças lanadas e deslanadas

Silva-Santos_2011_Estimate of the population of preantral follicles in the ovaries of Bos taurus indicus and Bos taurus taurus cattle

Silva-Santos_2011_Multioocyte follicles in adult mammalian ovaries

Santos_2011_Reproductive performance of ewes treated with an estrus induction synchronization protocol during the spring season

Silva_2009_Efeito de um simbiótico sobre o ganho de peso e número de ovos por grama de fezes de cordeiros confinados

Santos_2009_Reproductive performance of ewes mated in the spring when given nutritional supplements to enhance energy levels

Seneda_2009_Epigenética e neo-oogênese_novos conceitos em foliculogênese

Beran_2007_Avaliação da digestibilidade de nutrientes, em bovinos, de alguns alimentos concentrados pela técnica de três estádios